Telescopic Brick in Sleeve


Sandleford's Brick In Sleeve allows you to easily create your own letterbox inside brick/rendered walls, fences and pillars. The telescopic depth makes the sleeve suitable for all different sized installations. Compatible with Sandleford Brick-In products: Budget - Rear Opening Set Eclipse - Rear Opening Set Allora - Rear Opening Set Allora - Front Opening Set

  • Galvanised Steel construction
  • Fits into 1 brick wide, 2 brick high cavity
  • Telescopic Depth
  • Easily fitted to brick/rendered walls, fences and pillars
  • Compatible with Sandleford Brick-In fittings


Telescopic Sleeve 1 Brick Wide 2 Brick High


Material Galvanised Steel
Large Sleeve Dimensions  W 236 x H 165 mm x D 290 mm 
Small Sleeve Dimensions  W 230 x H 162 mm x D 230 mm
Sleeve Expandable Depth  230 - 500 mm 
Sui A4 Documents Yes
Product Code SLE01