##Solar Letterbox Small


The Solar Letterbox features a LED numeral display powered by renewable solar energy. Light up the dark using natural energy from the sun. It is constructed from stainless steel to protect from rust and includes a key lockable door for added security. Easily fitted to all walls and fences. 

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Weather resistant letter slot
  • Solar LED numeral display
    (numerals/letters included, 3 x 0-9/1 x A-F)
  • Key lockable (keys included)
  • Suits A4 mail and documents
  • Easily fitted to timber, brick or steel walls/fences
    (fixings included)


Stainless Steel Key Lockable
Suits A4 Mail Weather Resistant


Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions  W 260 x H 310 x D 90 mm
Letter Slot 230 x 25 mm
Suits A4 Mail Yes
Product Code SOL260

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