Collossus Premium Safe 182L


Sandleford's Colossus Premium Security Safe offers protection for valuables against theft is ideal for home & office use. Has a dual security that requires Combination and Handle to access safe. The combination is changeable, allowing the user to set their own personal combination. The high security pick-resistant key lock allows the user to lock the combination dial and prevent it from turning. It features Maximum Anti-Theft with 300% Thicker Steel. It has fully carpeted interior and removable shelves for more storage options.  It includes Combination Dial Locking Keys. 

  • Access with combination & handle
  • Ideal for Home and Office
  • Removable Shelf
  • Floor Carpet 

Exclusively available at Officeworks 


Combination and Handle Access 182 L Capacity
Maximum Anti-Theft (300% Thicker Steel)     Includes 4 x Masonry Bolts & Coach Screws


External Dimensions W 508 x H 762 x D 508 mm
Internal Dimensions W 496 x H 750 x D 490 mm
Door Steel Plate Thickness 12 mm
Door Thickness 63 mm
Body Thickness 6 mm
Locking Bolt Diameter 22 mm
Capacity 182 L
Weight 99 kg