Letters/Numbers Helvetica White 75mm

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These Sandleford Vinyl Letters and Numbers are perfect for use indoors or outdoors to label mail slots, binders, doors and more. Each pack contains the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9 and a variety of symbols so you'll be able to number and label as you like.
  • They can be used to label spaces and items indoors and outdoors.
  • Each letter and number has a durable vinyl construction.
  • They have a permanent self-adhesive backing so you can mount them with ease.
  • These letters and numbers are 75 mm in height.
  • They're written in the Helvetica font.
  • The pack contains 2 of each letter, 2 of each numeral and 11 symbols
  • These letters and numbers are white.


Includes all letters A-Z Includes all numbers 0-9
Includes 11 Symbols     Self Adhesive


Material Vinyl


Card Dimensions W 155 x H 210 x D 40 mm
Letter Height 75 mm

Product Code LKW75