Vista Set

SKU: SA301

Sandleford's Vista brick insert mailbox has durable stainless steel front face with large face plate. The mailbox is key lockable to protect your mail and is designed to fit A4 mail.

  • Stainless steel front face
  • Key Lockable (Keys Included)
  • Fits into 1 Brick Wide, 2 Brick High Cavity
  • Large Faceplate / Suits A4 Mail
  • Telescopic Sleeve
  • Black powder coated rear box


Stainless Steel Construction Fits 1 Brick Wide, 2 Brick High Cavity
Key Lockable (Keys Included) Suits A4 Documents 
Telescopic Sleeve    


Material Stainless Steel Constructiion
Product Dimensions  W 287 x H 320 x D 230-500 mm
Suits A4 Mail Yes