Custom Signs

100mm x 200mm STAINLESS STEEL 200mm x 400mm TIMBER 200mm x 400mm COPPER ALUMINIUM 200mm x 400mm COPPER200mm x 400mm BLACK ALUMINIUM 200mm x 400mm RED ALUMINIUM 200mm x 400mm STAINLESS STEEL

Sandleford Custom Signs lets you customise your address, labels, warning signs to stand out on your home or business. The made to order custom signs are etched using laser technology making the text un-peelable, weather-resistant and long lasting.

Offered in three different sizes and four different materials. Aluminium, Glass, Stainless Steel and Timber. Your signs will stand out by mounting on your
wall today.

You can choose between different stylish fonts and choose your own formatting.

1. Choose your Plaque
2. Choose a Plaque Size
3. Choose a Font
4. Choose a Style
1 Line Plaque
2 Line Plaque
3 Line Plaque
Address Plaque
5. Type in your Text
6. Choose your Mounting
* Only Mount option for Glass & Timber. Stud Mount is not applicable to other plaques.
* Download & Print
Take your form to your nearest Bunnings store and look for the Special Order Desk. Purchase your Custom Sign. Your Custom Sign will be ready for pick-up within approx. 14 working days.
Order this product through the Special Orders desk